Physical Education

For Homeschooled Children
What We Teach

Bridging The Gap Between Academics And Physical Education

Our classes develop skills in children needed for sports and acivities.  Not only are the rules and physical skills required to play a variety of sports such as softball, tennis, soccer and more taught, but also teamwork, responsibility and leadership.

With a credential in Physical Education and Health, instructor Christine DeJong teaches the appropriate level of physical education for grades K-8.

Taking care of children’s physical education as well as academics, particularly for homeschooled children, is an important element of your child’s development as a well rounded individual.

Christine DeJong - PE Teacher for Homeschooled Kids

Physical Education Instructor Christine DeJong

Class Structure

Each semester will consist of 15 lessons. Three units will be 4 weeks and one unit will be 3 weeks. Each lesson is 45 minutes. Classes are taught according to grade levels and will be divided into 2 groups, grades Kindergarten through 3rd grade or grades fourth through eighth. 



Water bottle

Tennis shoes. No sandals, boots, or backless shoes.

Loose-fitting clothing for easy movement

A good attitude!

*Bathrooms may not be available at each park. Please plan accordingly.


Semester price is $180.

$48 per month or $36 for units with 3 lessons *Monthly price is for lessons within the same month. 

$14 for individual classes 

*Payment must be received prior to class 



Invoice payment 


Vendor Payment 


Class Schedule

Mondays – Modesto 

Orchard Park 2200 Lincoln Oak Dr., Modesto Ca 95355

K-3 @ 1:00-1:45 

4-8 @ 1:45-2:30 

Tuesdays – Manteca 

Courtside Sports (Indoor Facility) 450 Commerce Ct, Manteca, Ca 95336 

K-3 @ 1:15-2:00 

4-8 @ 2:00-2:45 

Wednesdays – Escalon 

Brentwood Park Mission St. Escalon, Ca 95320 or Latta Park 1522 Oklahoma Ave. Escalon, CA 95320

K-3 @ 1:00-1:45 

4-8 @ 1:45-2:30 

Thursdays – Ripon 

Lan Park – 655 S. Highland Ave. Ripon, Ca 95366

K-3 @ 1:15-2:00 

4-8 @ 2:00-2:45 

Sign-Up by location.



Cancellation Policy

* If your student is unable to attend class, a make-up class may be attended at another location. No credit classes for the next month.

Weather Policy

* If we are unable to have class due to weather ( heavy rains, extreme heat, or extreme wind). Students will attend class at an indoor facility. If you are unable to attend that location a make-up class can be attended at a different location.

Grade Levels

K - 3

Students will start off learning about their locomotor skills and the skills required for team, dual and individual sports. Students will work on social skills such as: being a good teammate, taking turns, and sharing equipment.

4 - 8

4-8 lessons/units will start to expand on skills and start to work on gameplay activities.

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